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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Cape Coral & Port Charlotte

When Florida’s heat and humidity reach their peak in the summer, the last thing you want is to be left without a functioning air conditioner. By trusting ASAP Heating and Cooling to conduct preventative Cape Coral air conditioning maintenance on your system, you’ll ensure your family’s comfort and safety.

When Should I Have Preventative Maintenance Conducted?

In the Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Naples, Southwest Florida and surrounding Service Areas, your air conditioning system works the hardest during the summer months. To prepare for those high temperatures, we recommend you have a ASAP Heating and Cooling technician perform maintenance semi-annually.

“I’ve been contracted for maintenance with this company for about 3 years, they’re great! The girls in the office are always sweet, accommodating with the schedule and easy to get in contact with. Their service technicians are all nice, patient, knowledgeable and on time! The last technichians that came to my house were Emilio and David, they allowed me to follow them around and answered all of my questions thoroughly. As a single mom, having strangers in my home is nerve-wracking, but I’ve been comfortable with the employees of this company and have no plans to terminate my contract with them.

What Will Technicians Do During a Maintenance Appointment?

Our licensed Cape Coral AC professionals will confirm that all components of your air conditioning system work properly. The technician will conduct the following procedures:

  • Balance the thermostat and humidistat to ensure accurate indoor temperatures.
  • Clean or replace your existing air filter.
  • Inspect all visible ductwork for leaks, separations and microbial growth.
  • Clean and inspect the evaporator coil.
  • Flush out drain pan and lines.
  • Add algaecide tablets to drain pan to prevent lines from clogging.
  • Inspect heating assembly.
  • Oil and lubricate all motors, if applicable.
  • Check amperage draws on motors to ensure the unit is using adequate electricity.
  • Clean condenser coil and cabinet.
  • Check Freon/Puron pressures.
  • Check supply and return plenums on air handler for leaks.
  • Inspect and test all safety equipment.
  • Tighten all electrical connections and inspect system for loose or frayed wiring.
  • Inspect copper line sets, insulation, and cover.

What Can I Do to Extend My AC Unit’s Lifespan?

Our Cape Coral AC professionals can help you extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. To work properly, the area around the outside unit of your air conditioning system needs to have adequate air flow. Remove any shrubs or debris that may impede air flow. Keep trees and bushes trimmed, and don’t store garden equipment near the unit. Inside your home, don’t ever close the air vents completely. To limit cooling in a specific area, close vents partially instead.

How Much Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Cost in Cape Coral?

Our Cape Coral air conditioning maintenance costs differ based on the maintenance plan you choose. There are options available that can keep you on schedule with recommended maintenance to ensure your equipment will be well cared for. To learn the cost of air conditioner maintenance for your equipment, contact ASAP Heating and Cooling. Also, check out our financing page to learn about your payment options.

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There’s a reason why homeowners and businesses in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Naples and surrounding Southwest Florida Service Areas rely on ASAP Heating and Cooling for professional service at its best. We’re here to serve you with honesty and courtesy!

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