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What are the Benefits of a Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat?


In today’s world, everything that we do and use is moving to “smart technology,” through the use of apps on our phones. These changes to our lifestyle are actually helping to make us more efficient. Technology has influenced all aspects of our daily lives, the way we learn, the way we interact, the way we read, the way we bank, even the way we shop; everything is now at the click of a button. So why would we not use technology to help us regulate the temperature in our homes? Smart thermostats not only make heating or cooling your home more convenient, they actually help you save money and conserve energy.

What is a smart thermostat? 

Smart thermostats are automated devices that control your home’s heating and/or air conditioning. They perform the same functions as a traditional thermostat by allowing you to control the temperature of your home throughout the day. What makes a smart thermostat different is that it connects to the internet and allows you to control your home’s temperature from your smart phone. 

Most smart thermostats have other features that a traditional thermostat does not. A smart thermostat can show you how long it takes to make the change you’ve requested, so you can see how effective your climate control system really is. It actually works to discourage you from making changes to your home’s temperature that you should not make such as, turning the thermostat all the way down to try “cooling off the house faster” (which never works). Some of the models of smart thermostats will actually learn from your behavior and adjust themselves accordingly (and therefore don’t even need you to program them). The biggest difference and benefit of smart thermostats is, of course, that you can manage them right from your phone or a web-app. This feature is what gives you full control to tweak the programming, allowing you to save money, and see the financial benefits immediately. 

Popular Smart Thermostat Brands 

One of the most popular brands of smart thermostats is the Nest Thermostat. This one was the first of its kind and therefore the most widely known. This product came out of the gate with a lot of great features, making it a powerful pioneer. The Nest thermostat has a lot of positives; it combines a good-looking design and a bright LCD that provides a wealth of useful data with powerful remote management apps and tools to help you save money. In addition to that it has key features that make it a great contender to other brands. It is a learning thermostat, which can sense whether someone’s home, whether the air is suddenly getting humid, or someone’s fired up the oven, and adjust itself accordingly.

As this thermostat picked up in popularity other smart thermostats followed, brands like Ecobee Smart Thermostat, Honeywell Prestige series, Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, and Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat are all other popular smart thermostat brands. Each of these brands are slightly different in price, features, and benefits. It’s important to research each thermostat to find which one will be the best solution for you.

If you are wondering if there is a down side to these wonderful devices, it is important to mention that the initial purchase of these thermostats is quite pricey. The price of these thermostats can range from $150 – $500 which makes them way more expensive than a traditional thermostat which would only range from $100 – $150. Keep in mind that these thermostats are investments and the EPA’s Energy Star program concluded that homes with programmable or smart thermostats could save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling, which is a sizable chunk of change.

Written by Direct Heating and Cooling