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Furnace and Heating Maintenance in Cape Coral & Port Charlotte

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your furnace works properly and operates as efficiently as possible. Preventative maintenance will also help extend the life of your furnace and help your energy bills remain low. Residents of Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Naples, Southwest Florida and surrounding Service Areas can rely on ASAP Heating and Cooling for professional service at its best. We’re happy to conduct regular inspections, cleanings and filter replacements on a wide variety of furnace and heating systems.

Why Is Furnace and Heating Maintenance Important?

Your furnace works hard to keep your building warm in the wintertime. Even normal wear and tear can take a toll on the system’s operation. Plus, dust and dirt accumulate inside the unit, which can lead to poor performance. Let our professional technicians inspect your furnace twice a year to see that the unit is working efficiently. It also gives us an opportunity to identify small problems before they turn into larger, more expensive issues.

What Happens During Furnace Inspections and Tune-Ups?Furnace and Heating Maintenance in Cape Coral & Port Charlotte, FL

With years of experience under their belts, our technicians can service any brand of furnace or heating system. To ensure proper function, our maintenance program includes these services:

  • Check the safety controls and system functions.
  • Evaluate temperature differential.
  • Inspect and repair electrical components and connections.
  • Change air filters and check for proper airflow.
  • Seal caps and valves.
  • Inspect and lubricate pumps.
  • Check flow rates.
  • Clean and lubricate motors.
  • Lubricate moving parts and bearings.
  • Check belts for proper alignment and tension.
  • Clean and balance blowers.
  • Clean coils and burner assembly.
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks.
  • Adjust the air-to-fuel ratio of the burner and analyze the combustion.
  • Evaluate the overall system performance and make suggestions for improvements

We’d love the opportunity to help maintain your furnace properly. Please call our friendly office staff to schedule a convenient time for a technician to perform this vital service.

How Much Does Furnace and Heating Maintenance Cost in Cape Coral?

The price of furnace and heating maintenance depends on the maintenance plan you choose. There are various options available to suit your needs and your schedule. To learn more about furnace and heating maintenance and determine the exact cost, schedule a free estimate with ASAP Heating and Cooling. Visit our financing page to learn about payment options.

Additional Furnace and Heating Services

There’s a reason why homeowners and businesses in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Naples and surrounding Southwest Florida Service Areas rely on ASAP Heating and Cooling for professional service at its best. We’re here to serve you with honesty and courtesy!

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