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How Air Conditioning Can Help Your Allergies

Did you ever realize that your allergies are usually better when you are indoors compared to outside? That’s because not only does your AC cool your home and reduce humidity but it also filters the air in the home to provide you with better air quality and air with less pollutants in it.

When inside your home your air conditioner uses a filter to trap and keep unwanted particles such as mold, dust, pollen and mildew from circulating in the home. That is why it is important to change and/or clean your filter on a regular basis to ensure that not only your AC is cooling properly, but also capturing the maximum amount of outdoor, unwanted particles that cause you to sneeze, cough and have a runny nose.

In addition, your air conditioner removes humidity, which without would cause allergens to thrive and put your allergies to be in full effect.

So what else can you do reduce allergy symptoms when inside your home? Here are a few suggestions:

Preserve your indoor air by keeping your windows and doors closed, especially during allergy season.

Install UV lights in your unit. These lights will kill any type of mold or particle that could be lurking in your AC system and causing allergy issues in the home.

Keep your system properly maintained by a professional. That means having your system flushed as well as your coils cleaned on a regular basis.

Staying cool is one thing. Staying healthy is another. If you live in Cape Coral or Port Charlotte call ASAP Heating and Cooling today at 239-567-9661 to get a free estimate for preventative maintenance. It will ensure not just your families comfort but also their wellness and safety.

Written by Direct Heating and Cooling