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Prepping for Hurricane Season

Direct Heating and CoolingHurricane season is literally around the corner (June 1st) and while we are all preparing for life post COVID-19, we also need to prepare our home should a storm hit. That includes your AC unit as it could for sure help you “weather” a storm more comfortably if it’s working properly.

So what are a few things you should consider when it comes to your AC during hurricane season? Here are a few tips:

Watch the thermostat

If you know a storm is approaching, turn the temperature down a few extra degrees to get your home as cool as possible should you lose power.

Turn your unit off

Right before the storm hits turn your unit off. This will protect it from electrical surges during the storm. Hopefully by cooling the home a little more ahead of time should keep you and your family much more comfortable. Once the storm passes and you inspect your unit for damage should you turn it back on.

Keep up with your maintenance

By having regular maintenance of your unit will make sure not only that your unit is working properly but also if it potentially had any damage to it from previous storms that could be made worse should a new storm approach.

ASAP Heating and Cooling is here for our neighbors during these stressful times. We are now offering free service calls and offer valuable maintenance specials and agreements.

Written by Direct Heating and Cooling