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Summer Is Almost Over … How Do You Prepare Your AC For Fall

Summer is soon coming to a close and while it still maybe very hot in Florida, it will start to cool off as we enter into the autumn months.

Besides updating your wardrobe you will also want to make adjustments to various things around your house including your air conditioner.

Here are a few things you want to consider for your unit as we head into Fall:

Clean, Clean, Clean
From all the work your AC unit did over the summer you will for sure want to have your AC condenser cleaned as fall approaches. That’s because all summer your unit was building up dirt, weeds, grime and leaves around your unit. These various types of debris can potentially disrupt clean airflow and handicap the efficiency of your system. To remove this debris you will want to use a hose and wash away any debris that came in contact and became built up in your system. In addition, you will want to clip nearby overgrown grass and rake any extra grass clippings and weeds.

Replace Your Filter
While this is a given all around the year to do, it is really important to do it as we enter fall. That’s because your AC is getting extra use over the summer and the filter is more than likely bombarded with dust, dirt and other debris. If you don’t replace it, your system will start work even harder to keep the home cool and a higher electric bill will be coming in the mail.

Get Your Unit Professionally Tuned-Up
By having a professional come out and service your unit once or twice a year can really improve the life span of your unit as well as increase unit efficiency. Professionals will be able to look at parts of the unit that you won’t be able to and potentially fix things before they get worse.

ASAP Cooling is your one stop shop for all your AC maintenance and tune-ups. Don’t delay and wait until things can potentially get worse. Call us today for an estimate!

Written by Direct Heating and Cooling