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The Main Reasons Why Your AC Breaks Down

Just like any other appliance in your home, the life span of an air conditioner unit isn’t forever. It eventually can and will slow down. That’s why you want to maximize its life span by keeping it in top shape all year round.

So what are a few reasons why your AC maybe operating poorly?

1) Filter is Dirty
This is probably the most obvious one but often neglected. For your unit to work properly you need to keep its filter clean. By having a clean filter means lets dirt and dust you and your family breathe in everyday. It will also help your system work much more efficiently which means less of a spike in your electric/utilities bill.

2) Broken Thermostat
Your thermostat is the brain of your AC unit. If it’s malfunctioning your entire unit more than likely is malfunctioning. By letting a faulty thermostat stay like that will just lead to temperatures that are not going to be comfortable and perhaps not working at all.

3) Improper Installation
Did you know you could up spending up to 30% more in cooling your home if you system wasn’t installed properly? There could be leaks in the ducts or not enough refrigerant. One or all of these things can eventually hurt your unit and have it work less than its full potential.

An AC unit is an investment like anything else. It needs care for it to work to its greatest potential. That’s why regular maintenance by a reputable company is ideal.

ASAP Heating and Cooling can do just that. We can provide regular maintenance and check all of the above so your unit can have the longest life possible.

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Written by Direct Heating and Cooling