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Tips for Keeping Your Home Fresh

Duct Cleaning in Cape Coral & Port Charlotte, FLIt’s important to keep your home fresh and clean. But have you thought about cleaning your air? If your air conditioning system is not properly maintained, it could affect the air quality inside your home. This could lead to a variety of health conditions, including respiratory conditions like allergies or asthma.

It’s important to keep dirt, dust and mold out of your home, and properly maintaining your air conditioning system will help you to do just that. It is recommended that you have your air conditioning system cleaned once a year to help reduce health problems and to help keep your home fresh and clean.

Remember, by taking the proper steps to maintain your air conditioning system you are protecting yourself and your family from air contamination that is caused by a dirty air conditioning unit. Here are some steps you should take to ensure that the air inside your home is fresh and clean.

Changing Your AC Filter

Your air conditioner’s filter keeps out dust, pollen, spores and other airborne problems that can lead to health issues. Changing the filter on a regular basis is important because a dirty filter causes less airflow, which makes your system work harder and costs you more money in energy bills. A dirty filter can also cause your air conditioning unit to overheat, or lead to other permanent damage. As a rule, you should replace or clean your air conditioner filter once a month.

Keeping Your Vents Clean

It is impossible to get all the areas of your house clean and free of allergens and microbes that can cause illness. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your ducts. Dust mites, pollen and other allergens hide within the air ducts of your heating and cooling system, and it’s important to eliminate these impurities from your home.

ASAP Heating and Cooling will clean your air ducts using a specialized portable vacuum system and a special brush that removes any materials within the duct walls. Remember, cleaning your ducts will help keep your home free from allergy-causing particles.

Removing Humidity from Your Home

Excess moisture in your home can lead to damage, and it can encourage harmful mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems for you and your family.

The ideal relative humidity for your home should be somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you keep humidity levels no higher than 50 percent all day long. If humidity levels rise above or fall below that range, you may begin to experience issues like mold growth.

Modulating systems remove more moisture from the air, preventing mold growth. While a fixed speed HVAC system can only run at full speed, a modulating system can have two or more speeds. A fixed speed AC system allows relative humidity to go as high as 60 percent, while modulating systems do not break 50 percent. So a modulating HVAC system prevents harmful mold growth by removing moisture from the air.

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