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Why Won’t Your AC Cool?

Air Conditioning Service in Cape Coral & Port CharlotteSummer is close to being officially here and that means the heat is on and your air conditioner is going to get a “big workout”

There is nothing worse than during this time that you start feeling air coming from your vents but hot air, not cool air. You look at your thermostat and see the number beginning to rise.

There could be a few reasons why this is happening.

One could be a refrigerant leak. Check your outdoor air unit and see if there is a puddle near the unit. If there is, it could mean a small refrigerant leak, which is causing your home to emit low airflow.

Your AC maybe not the right size for your home. If you notice that your home is struggling to stay cool, or starting to blow warm air, it may mean it doesn’t have the strength to cover and cool the entire home. It will also cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

Everything may appear to look good with AC but you still aren’t feeling cool? It could be that your ductwork is leaky. You will want to hire a professional to precisely pinpoint where the leak is so the problem can be fixed.

Now is not the time to risk a hot house. With temperatures in the 90s there is nothing worse than living in a home with no AC.

Call ASAP Heating and Cooling as soon as possible so we can check your unit and make sure all maintenance is up to date.

Written by Direct Heating and Cooling